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    2017 best WordPress Backup Plugins For Automated Backup


    2017 best WordPress Backup Plugins For Automated Backup

    One of the first-rate hints you will ever get is to preserve your wordpress blog relaxed. The exceptional way to do this is by means of preserving a wordpress backup.

    There are many wordpress backup plugins available within the wordpress plugin listing, but very few of them permit for a complete backup. While we communicate about a entire backup, it method taking a backup of database, and a backup of the “wp-content folder”. Furthermore, it’s usually recommended to routinely backup wordpress to ensure you have the most latest model of your weblog subsidized up.

    Why is backing up your wordpress blog crucial?

    Maximum bloggers make the error of no longer backing up their weblog and they turn out to be regretting it later. If you are one of these bloggers who hasn’t yet configured a backup gadget for your weblog and depend upon a backup supplied by way of your hosting organisation, you are making a huge mistake.

    Keep in mind that wordpress is software, and it runs on php and mysql. All the files are saved on your web-hosting employer. Frequently, anything that is associated with computer systems and web website hosting can crash any day. A hacker may hack your server or internet site, or a person can log in and delete your complete wordpress directory. In the long run, you will be left with not anything except a feeling of sorrow for by no means growing a wordpress weblog backup. All of your tough work may be long past in a jiffy.

    One crucial rule right here:

    Your backup documents have to be stored on a remote and reliable area. It should no longer be stored at the equal server wherein your weblog is hosted.
    Paradoxically, it is quite smooth to automate the backup of wordpress blogs. I can speak three methods here that permit you to do scheduled automatic backups of your entire wordpress website. This includes the wordpress database and all the related files, which includes theme documents, plugins, and photos.

    Vital documents to backup in wordpress:

    Even though you may configure a entire backup of your installation, we handiest need simply one record and one entire folder as a backup. They may be:

    Database backup
    Wp-content folder backup
    Within the wp-content folder, you can exclude the ones subject matters which you are not the use of and exclude the “wordpress db backup directory” in case you are preserving a backup of many vintage databases or using a few different technique to make a wordpress database backup.

    Also, you need to optimize your database files to decrease down the backup size.

    Best WordPress Backup Plugins that you can trust:

    1) VaultPress

    VaultPress WordPress Backup

    I use VaultPress to take backups of ShoutMeLoud. I pay $9/month & it gives me complete peace of mind. VaultPress is a solution by Automattic (parent company behind WordPress). This solution is perfect for those who need to take a backup of 1-2 blogs.

    If you need to take backups of multiple blogs, I would recommend looking for another solution which doesn’t cost you so much in recurring monthly fees. Otherwise, for a single blog, VaultPress is a perfect solution and lets you completely restore your blog from a backup.

    VaultPress Dashboard

    To configure VaultPress, you can use the Jetpack WordPress plugin. Before this, you need to buy a VaultPress plan. I used the personal plan that costed me $39.


    In the personal plan, VaultPress makes a complete backup of your blog once every day. With just one click you can restore your blog from a backup. What I like about them is the support they offer. Since the people behind VaultPress are WordPress experts, your blog backup & security are in good hands. VaultPress plan can be purchased using Jetpack plugin.

    2) UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

    This is another popular WordPress backup solution.

    – UpdraftPlus comes in two versions:

    UPdraftplus WordPress Backup

    With a rating of 4.9/5, UpdraftPlus is the most popular backup solution for WordPress. It offers all the features which you would need to backup your WordPress blog.

    What make this plugin stand out is the variety of options for backup. With UpdraftPremium, you will also get (for free) 1GB of space for the UpdraftPlus Vault (their cloud storage).

    UpdraftPlus also offers more than just backups. It also has a cloning & migration feature which allows you to easily migrate a WordPress site from one host to another.

    WordPress backup space

    For someone  who has multiple WordPress blogs, UpdraftPlus is the best choice. You only need to configure everything once & after that, you don’t have to worry about your blog’s backups.

    Get UpdraftPlus Now (Recommended for backing up more than 2 WordPress sites)

    3) ManageWP Backup

    ManageWP is a popular service to manage multiple WordPress sites. I have been an avid user of ManageWP since its launch & use it to manage all the blogs in my network. What I like about ManageWP is how easy it is to optimize, update & track your blogs all from one dashboard.

    ManageWP offers real-time protection as well as incremental backups. That means instead of taking a complete backup every time which slows down your server, it takes a backup of only those files which have changed. It is then uploaded to their cloud storage infrastructure.

    ManageWP Backup


    • The best part of using ManageWP for managing or creating backups of your WordPress site is you don’t have to worry about dealing with configuration.


    ManageWP Backup


    • With one button toggle, you can enable or disable backups. You can take backups using Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, or the ManageWP cloud infrastructure.


    Scheduling WordPress Backup

    Note: “Every 24th” in above screenshot means it takes a backup on every 24th hour (one day).

    To get the most value from your money, ManageWP is the best option for anyone with more than 5 WordPress sites.

    Free trial of ManageWP

    Other Free & Premium Backup Solutions for WordPress:

    All of the above three solutions are the best WordPress backup plugins at the moment. I will list out more free & premium solutions which are recommended by our community members.

    Note: I’m listing only those plugins which offer essential features such as taking backups of the database & files, ability to schedule backups & supports other various services for the backup.

    1. BackUP WordPress (Free)
    2. Dropbox backup & restore (Supports only Dropbox & it’s free)
    3. BackupBuddy (Pro)

    Remember: Many web hosting companies take daily backups of your blog. This is especially true for those who are using a managed WordPress hosting service like WPEngine.  This means you don’t have to setup a third party backup system.

    However, I’m a little paranoid when it comes to having complete control & this is why when even my hosting offers free off-site backup, I always take another backup using VaultPress for ShoutMeLoud & ManageWP for all my other sites.

    I hope this guide helps you to pick the right backup solution for your WordPress site. Let us know which one you picked/are currently using & why?

    I would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.

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