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    How To Start A Lifestyle Blog


    How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

    Starting a lifestyle blog and making money online can be a great way to earn a part-income while creating a fun, creative, and beautiful website. Whether you want to share your fashion sense, beauty tips, home design projects, or travel adventures, the best part is that you can become a lifestyle blogger with a free domain and cheap hosting that costs as little as $5 per month.

    In this easy guide, I will teach you how to start a lifestyle blog in 15 minutes with no HTML or coding, so stop over-thinking it and just create one!

    Before You Start A Blog

    Before starting a blog, you must make a few decisions, such as what your blog will be about, the blog name you want, and the best blogging platform for your needs.

    Blog Theme

    Your lifestyle blog doesn’t have to share every detail of your life. Lifestyle bloggers can choose a specific theme to focus on or write a little about many topics, including family life, arts and crafts, cooking and recipes, interior design, etc. However, you don’t need to stress if you can’t narrow down a topic to write about. If you pick a non-specific blog name, you can always publish any type of blog post and change directions.

    Picking A Blog Name

    The subject you choose to blog about is important because your blog name should reflect that theme. Your blog name will also become a part of your brand, helping like-minded readers find your content and website.

    For example, if you start a travel blog, then maybe your domain name could be or If you start a lifestyle blog about the successes and challenges of being a mother, then maybe your blog name should be or If you can’t decide, you can always use your name or some variation and leave yourself the option to write about anything you want in the future.

    Since naming a blog can be a challenge sometimes, you may want to check out my guide on how to come up with a blog name.

    Choosing A Blogging Platform

    After you’ve picked a blog name, you’re ready to start your own lifestyle blog using the best blogging software – WordPress. Unfortunately, some people confuse (the free version) and (the self-hosted version).

    While is free, it is severely limited in options and does now allow advertising or the creation of custom designs. If you want your lifestyle blog to only ever be a hobby, then or even Blogger are legitimate free blogging sites.

    However, if you’ve been inspired by some of the best lifestyle bloggers online and want to make money blogging in the future, then I highly recommend you do it right from the beginning with a self-hosted WordPress blog.

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    How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

    Creating a lifestyle blog with a self-hosted version of WordPress will require a hosting account. Think of hosting as your hard drive online; hosting offers your own personal space on the internet where you will store all the files, photos, and contents of your website.

    Lucky for you, I have a special low rate from one of the best hosting companies online – BlueHost. For less than $5 per month, you get a free domain, unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth or file transfer, unlimited email accounts and access to a free 1-click WordPress installation.

    To start your own lifestyle blog and get my special 40% off discountclick here or the image below:

    How To Start A Lifestyle Blog - BlueHost

    After clicking the “Get Started” button, you will be asked to choose your hosting package. I recommend the “Starter” plan for new bloggers.

    How To Start A Lifestyle Blog - Choosing A Hosting Plan

    To get your free domain name, enter it in the “New Domain” box and press “Next“. If it’s available for purchase, you will move on; otherwise, BlueHost will offer suggestions.

    If you get stuck, think of adding prefixes or suffixes such as “The”, “My”, or “Blog” to your blog name. You can also think of synonyms for some of the descriptive words used. For example, “happy” can be changed to “cheerful”, “merry”, “heavenly”, “elated”, “joyful”, “upbeat”, etc.

    How To Start A Lifestyle Blog - Buy A Domain Name

    After choosing a blog name you like, you will be asked to input your account information.

    When it comes to picking your hosting package, I recommend the Starter 36 Month” plan because you lock in the cheapest rate for 3 years and don’t have to worry about hosting for a long time. However, you are more than welcome to select whichever plan best fits your financial needs because you will still be getting the same performance and type of hosting.

    I also suggest you skip the other add-ons (backup, search engine service, and security) except the “Domain Privacy Protection” option. Domain privacy protection keeps the ownership of your website confidential. It isn’t absolutely necessary, but I buy it with all my domains.

    How To Start A Lifestyle Blog - Choose Hosting Plan

    Immediately after filling in your billing information, your BlueHost account will be created. You should receive an email from BlueHost to confirm and then login to access your account.

    How To Start A Lifestyle Blog - Login

    Once logged-in, we can begin to install your WordPress blog. Under the “Website” tab, click on “Install WordPress“.


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