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    How To Unfollowed Users Not Following Me On Twitter


    How To Unfollowed Users Not Following Me On Twitter

    If you are a blogger or internet marketer, it’s important for you to keep a check on people you are following on social media platform. Today, I will share my trick on how I unfollowed people who were not following me on Twitter.


    Twitter is one of the most active social networks and if you connect with right people, not only you will amplify your reach but you will also be seen as power Twitter user. Back in days, people used to Autofollow new followers, which I believe is a lame practice and something you should avoid doing. If you goal is just to grow your number of Twitter followers, you may ignore my above suggestion.

    Now, before you follow my steps and unfollow everyone who is not following you back on Twitter, let me throw some light on what kind of users you should unfollow.

    Generally, I follow official twitter profile of other blogs (to stay updated with their latest post), influencers ( to stay updated with interesting tweets), and people whom I meet online or offline, or people I wish to connect. Sometimes many of these individuals don’t reciprocate and miss out on making a genuine connection. It’s a good idea to unfollow these users and try to make a connection with them later on. Of course, you should wait for few months or at least few weeks before you unfollow these people.

    When I Joined Twitter, I started adding friends on a regular basis and at the end, I was following almost 2K people and only 100 were following me. Now the first thing that I wanted to do was to remove people who were not following me. So, I decided to find an online tool that can quickly let me unfollow people who do not follow me.

    I use this free service call Crowdfireapp (Previously Justunfollow) which is more than a tool to unfollow people who are not following you back. In the below tutorial, I will show you how to use Crowdfireapp to unfollow non-followers.

    How to use Crowdfireapp to Unfollow Non-followers

    Crowdfireapp is an easy to use Twitter & Instagram tool to quickly find users who are not following you back. For free users, the daily limit to follow and unfollow is 25 respectively. I suggest you set a reminder for yourself and come back every day to unfollow non-following users.

    Head over to Crowdfireapp site here and login using your Twitter profile. It will quickly scan your profile, and you can see the list of Twitter users who are not following you back.

    Unfollow non followers


    You can click on red minus sign in front of the person you want to unfollow, and you are ready. For those whom you don’t want to unfollow and don’t them to see them in the list again, click on Whitelist.

    I use this tool on the regular basis to clean up my Twitter profile. If you haven’t done this important step, I suggest you to go ahead and try Crowdfireapp to remove those users who are not following you back and is not important for you to follow.

    Since you have learned about a useful tool, you should check out below mentioned tools:

    Here are few more twitter tools that you should use right away to optimize your Twitter account further:

    Have you used Crowdfireapp? Share your thoughts on the app. If not, what tool do you use to manage your twitter profile? 

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